Microsoft Office Setup Activation Error Wanna Fix It?

Undoubtedly, Microsoft Office is one of the most used software which consists of several applications and every user would like to have it in its system. It is available for both the operating systems like Windows and Mac with a different variety of versions. It is also available for your mobile phones where you can download it and access with its full features.

Before you start using this software and its features like applications, server, and services, you need to download it first then install it. There are many chances that you may face Error issues during the installation or activation of Microsoft office.

You need to buy the genuine copy of MS Office; otherwise, you will see a message like an unlicensed product in the title bar of the Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint or more. This unpaid installed version will not allow you to have a full access on all the application with all the features.

Fix it with Activation Troubleshooter

  • This Activation troubleshooter works on Windows PC.
  • Download it and install it to fix the issue with Office 2016, Office 365 or individual Office 2016 applications
  • You can download it from here
  • Choose your browser from the drop-down menu
  • After downloading, follow these steps:

1.   Make sure the date and time of your system is correct

Office activation fails if the date and time of the PC is not correct. For this, click on the bottom right corner date and time of the taskbar. Correct it immediately!

2.   Run MS Office Setup as administrator

Close all the running applications in your PC, then right click on the application icon on the desktop screen like Word, now open it as an administrator and hit yes button.

3.   Update MS Office

Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Microsoft Office from If you have not updated yet and do it right now.

4.   Check your firewall settings

You need to disable the firewall setting or temporarily off if you want a successful installation of Microsoft Office.

5.   Make sure you turn off the antivirus software if it is working properly

Make sure you turn off the antivirus software if it is not working properly and then try activating Microsoft Office setup. Sometimes the antivirus may stop the activation process.

6.   Check your proxy settings

Turn off the proxy setting if it is working with your PC and try activating the office setup again.

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