– Uninstall and Reinstall Office Setup

More than 85% of the world population, organizations, small businesses and other rely on Microsoft Office to manage their office or home work and data on computers. The Microsoft Office major benefit for making professional workflow easier, Microsoft Office productivity suite delivers different sets of application with their best features which are simple to understand. Ranging from students to professional users, the software is the provides support which needs to execute tasks such as making presentations, organizing sheets, slide shows, preparing charts & graphs, and much more than mentioned.

However, sometimes during the installation of the software, it lets its users down due to errors, which can be fixed easily. One of the basic steps for fixing this issue is to uninstall and reinstall the software again. It helps to get rid of the problems.

Why do we uninstall the MS Office com setup?

  • In case, if you are unable to activate the Microsoft Office application suite after exceeding its validity period, then you need to uninstall it to install a subscriber version
  • Server connectivity issue.
  • Unknown error stop access to your account
  • When switching from one product to another, you may need to uninstall the older version to get the new version without any error

In these situations, only uninstalling and then reinstalling the software is the main solution to it.

During the uninstalling of Microsoft Office setup, you may miss some files, which also cause the software to unable to remove completely. This cause may further stop you to reinstall MS Office productivity suite and you may get the software conflicts. Under such situation, follow the steps as mentioned below.

Steps to uninstall MS Office suite

Method 1: Manual process

  1. Click start -> control panel ->  Programs and features.
  2. Click Uninstall programs
  3. A list will appear of the installed programs, select Microsoft Office setup from the index and click to uninstall it

Method 2: Using the removal tool process

  1. Go to the official Office website
  1. Click on the uninstall Office or any suggestions most relevant
  • A set of instructions will appear
  1. Choose your device (operating system)
  2. Click on the download button and select your browser on which you are executing the steps
  • you will get a removal tool
  1. Launch the tool on your computer and follow the prompts by the tool to uninstall MS Office setup completely

Once the software is uninstalled completely, follow the below mentioned. Make sure you are using an updated web browser and all the extensions are disabled.

Steps to reinstall office setup on your computer

  1. Launch a web browser and search for
  2. From the main page, click on the sign in button
  • Now, ‘Create a new account’
  • Complete the account sign up process
  1. Enter your Office setup product key in its respective field and submit
  2. The product associated with your product key