Got Error 0x80070422 while updating Windows 10

Got Error 0x80070422 while updating Windows 10 – If you got an Error while updating Windows; and a message appearing on Windows screen saying Try that again or it might be “Something went wrong. The error code is 0x80070422, after this error your windows stop in between the installation and it could not be completed. This Error is basically comes from when you try to install an Update provided by the Microsoft which is a free Windows Update for Windows operating system. This update basically consists of new security features for Windows, service packs and patches, etc. When any user tries to update the Windows, they may have faced this error code 0x80070422. You can still eliminate this error by installing the entire Windows operating system again or install the Windows Updates completely again. If still facing this annoying error, we have some simple steps through which we can fix this issue.

Method A : How to fix Windows 10 error 0x80070422

  • Configure Windows Update to start manually
  • Use manual way to Update Windows when service is not working on auto mode.
  • Press Windows Key + R to open Run dialog box.
  • Type msc in the run box and press Enter.
  • The will open the Services Manager.
  • Scroll down to window screen to go to Windows Update and right click on it.
  • Now, click on Properties.
  • From the drop-down menu option the sub option of Startup type inside the General
  • Now choose Automatic.
  • lick Apply and then Ok.
  • Now, Restart your Computer.

Method 2. Windows 10 update Troubleshooting

  • Windows do have inbuilt troubleshooting feature which is used to diagnose the problem
    quickly. But this inbuilt troubleshooting feature is not capable of solving all the errors, but
    we can rely on it for other issues.
  • To troubleshooting, go to Search bar of the Windows.
  • Now, type in troubleshoot in the search bar.
  • Select Troubleshoot from the list.
  • Select Windows Update and click Run the troubleshooter.
  • Now follow the steps mentioned in the instructions and do it accordingly to check if error 0x80070422 is fixed.

Method 3 .Manually Restarting Network Services

  • A Windows Network services is used to identifies, collects and stores the data of the
    network. Whenever there is any changes in his properties, the service notify the
    applications, and if it finds any issue in case that there is any problem, it helps to fix the
  • Many times when any users facing the error 0x80070422 in the Network Services list it
    has helped to resolve the issue, by restarting Network Services List.
  • Press Windows key + R and open Run
  • Type msc and hit Enter.
  • Now, Click on Network List service in the window.
  • Right click on it and then select Restart from the menu.
  • You can select Stop and if you want to start it again click to open the menu to select Start.
  • Try to update your Windows and check whether the error code 0x80070422 persists.
    Error 0x80070422 is a very common error in Windows and people are facing it during
    Windows Updating sessions. You might have encountered the error as well, but the
    steps mentioned above are helpful to resolve the issues and troubleshooting the error.

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