Guide How to Reset Windows 10 Password

Guide How  to Reset Windows 10 Password?- In today’s digital world it is very important to keep our computer and data safe. Even then, it is generally found that people use very simple password for the different platforms, and most of them uses the password like name nick names, date of birth, pet names etc.

A study on passwords shows that the popularly used passwords over the world are 123456, 123456789, qwerty, admin, abcdef etc. These passwords are incredibly easy to guess. In order to keep your device secure, you must have a strong password with the combination of alphanumeric character with symbols etc. In this blog we have given some steps for changing a password in Windows 10:

1. Click on the Start menu. It is located at the left side of the task bar.
2. Now, click on the Settings option. It will be listed under the sub menu of start menu.
3. Then, click on Accounts.
4. Now, click on Sign-in options from the list.
5. After that, Click on change your account password and create a PIN. Click on the Change button below Password.
6. You must log in using your Microsoft accounts. Type in the Microsoft user account password.
7. Click on the Sign in.
8. Now, it will ask you for verify your identity, it will send you a security code. You will have to enter that code.
9. If you are using the same device for changing the Microsoft account password, then you may not have to enter the received code.
10. For verification code select the way you want to receive.
11. You can choose to get the code via a text message or call.
12. Key in the last four digits of the phone number to validate that you receive the verification code on the correct number.
13. Your registered phone number will receive a message from Microsoft.
14. Just enter the verification code in the box.
15. Now, you will be prompted to type in the previous password and then set a new password.
16. You will have to write the new password again. Hit the enter key.
17. Now, the window will read: You have successfully changed your password!

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