How MS Office helps in remote work via phones? If you are a remote worker and you forgot to carry an iPhone/iPad with you? No problem if you are away from your computer or you are not carrying your laptop along but you need to work with your computer. Now, what needs to be done in this case?

MS Office package is the people work where everybody does the work as per their need from the home user to the office user. This software efficiently works on the different platforms like either it’s a Windows platform or the Macintosh devices. The process of download, install, re-download and activate the Microsoft Office on the computer is simple to do. However, getting started with Microsoft Office suite on various devices like Smartphone could be a bit difficult, especially for new users.

To learn how to install Office suite on your iPhone or iPad, you need to install an individual application that requires a few steps. Get started with Microsoft Office productivity suite on your iOS phone; below steps are used to install MS Office application below.

Download and Install Office Setup on an iPhone or iPad:

  1. Launch the Apple app store and in the search field, enter the name of Microsoft Office product you wish to install e.g., MS Office Word, OneDrive, PowerPoint etc
  2. Tap on the icon as appeared in the search list
  3. Tap install button to download and install the app
  4. Mark agree to the license policy and proceed

Once the application is installed on the phone, you need to login for access.

Login and activate Microsoft Office com setup:

  1. Tap on the app’s icon to start it
  2. You will be asked to login using your account
  3. Use the credential with which you purchased MS Office product subscription
  4. If you are directed to to your account by which you got the subscription
  5. Login to your account and you are ready to use the app

When you successfully installed the app on your iOS device. If still, you face any issue go to and submit the report in the support section.


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