How to tackle Windows10 Start Screen freeze?

Windows 10 Start Screen when it freezes, and then we were not able to do anything not even a click on any icon will work. But we need not worry about more in Windows 10. Windows 10 has been the best for Microsoft’s in most reliable consumer operating system. Microsoft provides us with this operating system for three years. With these three years, Microsoft has provided us with enough information on its screen lock-ups. The operating system has a good amount of information on teething troubles and problems with updates; it has system crashing problems, and many more. The one issue that commonly appears on some laptops and PCs are a freeze or lock up at the start screen.

When you start up your computer first, and you moved to the desktop screen and suddenly you feel nothing is working everything seems like freeze at that screen not even a click is working or the start button. Now, the issue is how to make it work or how to fix it, now in Windows 10, it has become very easy with the help of the keyboard you can quickly resolve this issue. If the Start menu has been locked up, then here are the guidelines on how to unfreeze it on Windows 10.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Press the Ctrl-Shift-Esc together to open up Task Manager.
  • Click on more details to see the process running in details.
  • Now find and Click on the Windows Explorer in the list, now, right click and choose to Restart.

The main Windows interface which works when you start your computer and move to the desktop screen or start screen is the Windows Explorer, restarting it through the task manager will solve the problem. Now, look at the Start menu, and taskbar it will disappear, and hence it will reappear again. Now, everything is working fine like before. If still face the same issue, repeat the same process again until it starts working fine.

If the given above guideline did not work, switch off your computer and then restart it again or likewise you can keep on holding your computer’s power button for a long time maybe for 4-5 seconds, eventually, your computer will turn off.

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