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Microsoft Office 2007 is an application that offers a set of services for home and office use. This office suite comes up with a new graphical user interface. This complete Office package has also introduced specialized Office menu which can be used as an alternative to old toolbars and menu bars. It also brought in Office Open XML file formats to be used as a default file format in various Office applications, i.e. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

You can purchase the Office 2007 setup online or offline through or any retail store. Upon purchasing it online, you will have to download, install and then activate the Office 2007 setup. However, if you purchase the setup from a retail store, you will get a CD for download, install and activate the Office 2007 setup. In both the cases, you will receive the Office product key. You can check the same on your registered email ID (online purchase) or at the back of the CD (offline purchase).

Steps for Downloading, Installing and Activating Office 2007

·         Offline Purchase

  1. Insert the Office Setup 2007 CD into the CD/DVD drive
  2. The setup wizard will start automatically
  3. If it doesn’t start, simply navigate to the CD drive and hit setup.exe file
  4. Enter the 25-character Office setup product key, by redeeming it through any of the aforementioned ways
  5. Read and accept the license agreement to continue
  6. Follow the further instructions
  7. After the installation finishes, click Close

·         Online Purchase

  1. Simply, log in to your Office my account
  2. Enter the 25-character Office setup product key
  3. Now, download the product from the list of Office subscriptions
  4. Once download, double-click the setup to run
  5. Read and accept the license agreement to continue
  6. Wait until the installation finishes
  7. Click Close

Once installed the Office setup needs to be activated within 30 days. Follow these steps for the successful activation:

  1. Open Start Menu and search for MS Office
  2. Launch any of the Office 2007 application
  3. This will open the MS Office Activation Wizard
  4. Click Activate and then Next
  5. Now, click Close
  6. It’s good to go!


  • Make sure there is no other Office version installed on your device
  • Make sure your system meets the specifications needed to install Office 2007
  • Make sure there is enough space to install the Office 2007 setup