Let’s begin with the solutions to fix this issue

Let’s begin with the solutions to fix this issue

 Restart your Phone (Google Pixel)

Whenever you find that you are trying to connect the Wi-Fi but it does not work or if it is connected and the webpage is not loading. In this situation, you should restart your phone after during the restart process phone will automatically try to resolve the issue and you will see that after restarting your phone Wi-Fi will start working again.

Battery saving mode

If you have chosen the battery saving mode, under this mode your phone will not connect to the Wi-Fi. Check the mode, if it is in the battery saving mode then remove the restriction from connecting to the Wi-Fi.ng mode then remove the restriction from connecting to the Wi-Fi.

Problem with the Router firmware

It is very much possible that router firmware may be having a problem with it and it may be the cause of Wi-Fi issue. In this situation, you need to off the router. After some seconds, you can restart it and check if the phone is connecting to the Wi-Fi.

Check your web browser with different websites

Sometimes, some of the application on the phone does not work at times, that’s why they may stop browser to open any website, Now you try to open some other websites to check whether those are working or not just try to open the Google search website if you see that website than the problem is with the browser not with the Wi-Fi connection.

Correct Date and Time in the phone

If the date and time are not accurate then you may find it difficult with the phone to get connected with the Wi-Fi or while opening any website. So, make sure your phone date and time is always correct and it is on auto mode.

Problem with the cache app data

This app is used to collect most of the information in it when you surf the internet in the temporary memory, sometimes this might cause an issue which restricts Wi-Fi stops from working. Now, you need to clear all the file stored in the cache and then check the Wi-Fi connection again.

Disconnect and Reset with Wi-Fi

If the Google Pixel is not connecting with Wi-Fi, try disconnecting the network. Then try to connect it again.
Google Android Pixel is a smartphone but the “Wi-Fi not connecting” is a common problem faced by its owners. But you can resolve this issue by using the above-mentioned steps.

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