Ways to Fix Windows Error 1320

Windows Error 1320 is a problem that customers can regularly come upon in Windows 8 and 8.1, but in Windows 7 and Vista it occurs much less. Error 1320 or“The precise route is just too lengthy” blunders message is not tough to remedy. Here are a few techniques to repair it:

Method of Removing Micro Focus Folders(8.1/8/7/Vista)

  1. Twice click on the PC’s desktop icon.
  2. It is important by way of the user to make sure he or she has un-hidden and the hidden folders and hidden the Window device documents.
  3. Move the below-referred to folders to the Recycle Bin. If the error is still visible, just reinstate them:

C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus
C:\Program Files\ Micro Focus
C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Micro Focus
C:\Users\\Documents\Micro Focus.
4. Exit the Windows Explorer.

Method of Deleting Corrupt Registry Keys (For Windows 8.1/8)

  1. Check for the difficulty within the Registry entries. The person can re-create again by using deleting or renaming corrupt entries from the Registry.
  2. Click the Window Key + C.
  3. At the top nook of the screen, the Charms Bar could be seen.
  4. Press the Search icon.
  5. Enter “RegEdit” within the Search Box.
  6. Press the utility icon.
  7. Launch that from the Search Result page.
  8. The Registry Editor gets launched.
  9. Delete the version-precise key of Test Partner.
  10. Locate the below Software
  11. Delete the sub-key named “MicroFocus.”
  12. Navigate the below subkey:


  1. Rename the “Security” sub-key as “Security_OLD.”
  2. Exit the Registry Editor window and restart consumer Computer.

Method of Deleting Corrupt Registry Keys (ForWindows 7/Vista)

  1. Refer to Step # from the Operating gadget 8.1/8 consumer’s technique.
  2. Click Windows Key + R on the equal time.
  3. Enter “RegEdit” within the Open textual content container.
  4. Press the OK tab.
  5. The Registry Editor will get launched.
  6. Refer to steps numbered eight to fourteen from the Windows 8.1/8 approach.

Method of Re-registering the Windows Installer(For Windows 8.1/8)

  1. Click the Operating gadget key.
  2. Enter “CMD” within the Search Box.
  3. Press the Application icon.
  4. Right click Command Prompt and press “Run as administrator” icon.
  5. Type the beneath instructions in given order:


  1. Exit Command Prompt.
  2. Click home windows key + C.

8. Press Setting icon and then energy icon, within the Charms Bar.

  1. Choose Restart.

Method of Re-registering the Windows Installer(For Windows 7/Vista)

  1. Press the Start tab.
  2. Enter “Command Prompt” in the Search Box.
  3. Right press that from the Search Results, select Run as administrator.
  4. Refer Steps # 5-6 from Windows 9.1/8 user’s paragraph.
  5. Restart the Computer for the trade to take consequences.

Method of Renaming Msisip.Dll File (For Windows 8.1/8/7/ Vista)

  1. Twice press the PC icon.
  2. Enter “Command Prompt” within the Search Box.
  3. To pick out Run as an administrator, and right click on that from the Search Results.
  4. Right click on the document displayed below the Search Results.
  5. Choose “Open containing folder” from the context listing.
  6. Rename the report as “Msisip.Dll.Vintage”
  7. Restart the gadget.

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