11 Tips to select a web hosting provider

11 Tips to select a web hosting provider

Selecting a web hosting provider is a tough job. But you have to do it to host your website. Today, if your business is present online then only you can say that you’re there in the competition. If you’re missing this then my friend you need to build a website and hire a web hosting service to host that particular website. If you’re ready with your website and looking to host your website then check this article to know the effective tips on selecting a web hosting provider.

#1) Know What your Website Requires?

Being a website owner, it’s your duty to identify the exact needs of your website in terms of hosting environment, whether it is basic or advanced. If you’re new then shared hosting is the best alternative to host your business website at a good cost. On the other hand, if you’re an existing customer then considering the advanced hosting solutions like Reseller Hosting Canada, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud, WordPress would be the best option. Your web  host will help you to select the plan accordingly, after knowing your demand. However,opting for a bad web hosting provider will lead to loss of business in terms of traffic and sales as well. Therefore,carefully study your website first.

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#2 Elect Right Web Hosting Plan:-

As I have discussed before, you can begin with shared hosting and later you can switch to any plan as per the demand. In web hosting, you get two types of hosting platforms, one is Linux and second is Windows hosting. You can select any web hosting platform depending on your requirement.Below mentioned is the list of web hosting solutions that you can study before buying the web hosting service.

  • Basic web hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Business hosting
  • Shared hosting
  • CMS’s hosting
  • eCommerce hosting

#3 Monitor features:

After finalizing thecPanel Hosting Canada provider, next is the feature that is an important factor which you need to monitor while buying a web hosting service. Every web hosting provider promises to provide the best service but very few stand with their promises. Although, you get web hosting service at a cheap rate, features are the element that actually completes your web hosting package. Check below-highlighted features that your provider should have:

  • Bandwidth
  • Numbers of free domain
  • SSD Disk space
  • SpamExperts
  • Email accounts
  • SSL certificate
  • Sitebuilder
  • Free website migration
  • LiteSpeed web server
  • Support in local language
  • Instant chats response
  • Datacenter choice
  • Security features
  • Website backup
  • Sitelock
  • Dedicated IP

Add-ons features:

Now, you get add-onfeatures apart from web hosting service like Google Analytics and Webmaster Integration, SpamExperts and Backup plan, etc.

#4 Check Online Reviews of Web Hosting Providers:-

Being a buyer, it’s obvious that you’ll check the reviews of specific web hosting provider and for that, you’ll get many review platforms that provide reviews of the various web hosting providers. You can search in Google with these keywords like “web hosting provider reviews, hosting reviews, type your provider name and add word review, etc. You’ll get “n” number of results for your query, select any review site and study the reviews.

#5 Competitive Price

No matter,which geographical location you belong but I know the price is the important factor for any buyer, right? So, while buying a web hosting service it’s very important to check and compare the prices. At the initial stage, you may get impressed with the low price and sign up for the same. Later, you’ll face the consequences like downtime and lack of advanced features, etc. To avoid such issue, it’s compulsory to check the price and features together. If you’re getting the best price with best features then opt for that particular provider.

#6 Consider Backup Plan

Yet another important factor that you’ve to consider is backup that helps to take a back-up of your website data at the safer side as an emergency recovery. Check how frequently your web hosting provider takes a back-up of the data? This should be the first question to your web hosting provider before signing up. If you get a positive reply then it is suggested to move ahead otherwise you can check other providers.

#7 Security

After backup, the next thing you should consider is security. Generally, you have to consult your web hosting provider for security purpose. Almost, every web hosting provider offers security features like Spam Experts, SSL certificate, Web Application Firewall, Acron is Cloud Backup and Code Guard. You can sign up instantly,if you are getting these features as you can assure that you are in the safe hands.

#8 Maximum Uptime

If your web hosting provider is offering maximum uptime then you can trust that web hosting provider to host your website. Although, uptime varies provider to provider, study the uptime of the web hosting providers and then select one to keep your website live 24*7*365 days.

#9 Check Server locations Choice

The server is the backbone of the web hosting company because it is a turning point of your website. As a buyer, it is your duty to monitor the server locations that are offered by the web hosting provider.You also need to make sure which server location you are targeting.

#10 Elect the Right Operating System

As I have told before that you’ll get two choices in the operating system one is Linux and second is the Windows operating system. Newbie usually gets confused between the operating system and it is suggested to ask the web hosting provider which you have selected to guide on this. Further, you will get multiple options for the operating system but Linux is the most popular operating system in the market.

#11 Control panel

Control panel is the area from where the website owner can manage the website. It helps the owner to monitor the activities of the website such as adding and removing, installing and uninstalling the software, etc. You get compulsory cPanel feature included in the plans.


After reading this article, you must be aware of tips that you should consider before buying the web hosting service. There are multiple parameters of selecting a web hosting service but these mentioned tips are basic and easy to understand for the newbies.

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